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Creating and maintaining a site has never been easier.


  • The first open source stable release will be Graffiti CMS 1.3. A branch for this has been created in the source code repository. One of the goals with 1.3 is to make zero database changes so it will be super simple to upgrade from older versions. This branch needs testing and some simplification done around the new url routing features. List of features coming soon...
  • Do not use 2.0 branch for your production web site going forward, use the 1.3 branch for now.

Getting Started

NOTE: If you are not a developer, it is recommended you download the latest binary release of Graffiti CMS 1.3.

Here's how to get Graffiti CMS 1.3 up and running from the source code
  • Download the source
  • Open the \Branches\v1.3\src\Graffiti.sln solution file with Visual Studio 2008/2010
  • Update web.config to use the desired database settings
  • If you are not running IIS7 and ASP.NET 3.5 SP1, you should enable the "Generate Folders..." option in the admin >Site Options > Configuration page

The included ReadMe.txt file in the root has more detailed instructions on getting Graffiti CMS up and running.

Upgrade Note:
See Upgrading Graffiti in Graffiti CMS documentation.

Al Pascual has written a blog post on upgrading from Graffiti 1.2 to the open source version (1.3)


Graffiti CMS 1.3 supports SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, Microsoft Access, and MySQL.
Due to licensing constraints, the VistaDB database provider is not included in the source code. There may be support for it added in the future.
If you are currently using Graffiti CMS with VistaDB and do not wish to migrate to a different database then you should keep using the version you have for now. See Upgrading a Graffiti Database for details.


 Twitter / GraffitiCMS News Feed 
 Twitter / GraffitiCMS News Feed 

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