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Assigning User Roles

A system administrator can control user privileges for your Web site.

To control user privileges for your site development and maintenance, Graffiti supports three predefined roles:

User Role Description
Admin Has all user privileges, including Publishing content, Approving content, Adding categories, Managing users, Editing themes and widgets
Manager Can publish content without approval as well as approve other users’ content.
Contributor Can create new posts as well as edit existing posts. However, contributor content cannot be published to the public without first being approved by a manager or admin. When a contributor makes a change requiring approval, Graffiti notifies admins and managers via email.

Only Admins have permission to assign user roles, so users with Manager and Contributor role assignments will not have access to People on the navigation bar.


1. Navigate to Control Panel > People. The Manage People page displays.

Note: that all existing users are listed below the user data. You can edit existing users by clicking on the Edit link to the right of the user name.

2. Specify the user information in the data fields.

3. Click Add New User. Graffiti indicates that you have successfully created the new user and allows you to add user profile information.

4. Specify the user role by selecting the appropriate radio button. The Graffiti default setting is Contributor. The Avatar option and Bio information are optional.

5. Click Save. The new user is added to the user list on the Manage People page.

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