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Creating a Tag Cloud

Add tags to a post on the Settings tab. You can add tags when you create the post or add them later by editing the post.

Use the following procedure to create a tag cloud widget.


1. Navigate to Control Panel > Presentation > Widgets. The Manage Your Widgets page displays.

2. Select Tag Cloud from the drop-down list in the Available Widgets panel.

3. Drag Tag Cloud to the desired side bar panel.

After you create your tag cloud, you can specify two additional settings: the minimum number of posts the tag must be associated with to display in the tag cloud; and the maximum number of tags that will be displayed in the tag cloud.

4. Click Edit.

The Popular Post Configuration page displays.

5. Specify your minimum and maximum settings.

6. Click Update. When you refresh your Web site, the tag cloud displays in the side bar you specified.

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