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Defining Meta Descriptions and Keywords

Graffiti provides you with a very rich way to manage your site’s meta descriptions and meta keywords, which are very useful when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Graffiti out of the box provides excellent SEO.
  • URLs are short and meaningful.
  • Graffiti handles properly redirecting (301) any content you rename.
  • Graffiti ensures (by default) content only exists at a single location/url.
The meta descriptions and meta keywords are not seen by the user; instead, they provide a means by which you can control hits to your site from search engines like Google. For maximum benefit, meta descriptions and meta keywords should be unique across all of your pages.

Your site’s search engine logic is determined by where you set meta words and keywords in Graffiti.
  • You can set site-wide meta descriptions and meta keywords on the Settings page (Setting Site-Wide Defaults). Graffiti uses these values when you do not set meta descriptions and meta keywords for categories or posts.
  • You can set category-specific meta descriptions and meta keywords on the category page (Setting Category Content). Category meta data overrides the site-wide settings. These values are used on the category page as well as for any associated post which does not have its own values.
  • You can set individual meta descriptions and meta keywords on a post’s Settings tab (Setting Post Content). Post meta data overrides both site-wide settings and category meta data. When you set meta descriptions and meta keywords for the post, Graffiti attempts to use the following post content:
    • For the Meta Description field, Graffiti uses the first 255 non-HTML characters for the description. If you add text to both the Body and Extended Body text fields, Graffiti uses only the content from the Body text field.
    • If you do not specify any keywords, Graffiti uses tags associated with the post.


1. Determine where you want to specify your meta descriptions and meta keywords.

2. Enter the meta description and meta keywords in the appropriately marked text fields.

3. Save the site-wide defaults or categories settings, or publish the post.

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