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Migrating Posts to Graffiti

Graffiti’s migration tool allows you to import your posts into Graffiti from a non-Graffiti site.

The migration tool supports following application types for importing into Graffiti:
  • Community Server 2007
  • Community Server 2.1
  • Wordpress
  • BlogML
  • dasBlog


1. Navigate to Control Panel > Site Options > Utilities > Migrator.
When you click Migrator, the Graffiti Migration Tool opens.

2. Select the type of application type which you used to publish the posts you want to import.
  • If you are importing Community Server posts, you must provide the database connection string, Community Server application key, and your username.
  • If you are importing posts from Wordpress or BlogML, you must browse to your posts’ location.
  • If you are importing posts from dasBlog, you must upload the content folder from dasBlog and copy it to your Graffiti root directory.

3. Click Get data. The list of posts displays.
4. Check the checkboxes for the posts you want to import.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to do the following:
  • Select the post author from the Author drop-down list.
  • Specify the category with which you want the posts associated.
6. Click Import Posts. A message at the bottom of the page tells you when the import is complete.

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