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Post Properties

Get descriptions of the post property settings.

Listed below are the available properties.
  • Body – Renders PostBody + ExtendedBody.
  • Category – Category with which the post is associated.
  • CommentCount – Number of published Comments.
  • CustomExcerpt(int len) - Forces an excerpt on the PostBody by removing len non-HTML characters.
  • Excerpt(string startText, string endText, string linkText, int len) – Renders the first len non-HTML characters from PostBody and displays a link to the post if len is less than PostBody len or ExtendedBody exists. Set linkText to null to never display the link.
Example: $post.Excerpt("<p>Continue reading <em>&quot;", "&quot;</em></p>" ,$post.Title, 300).
  • GetCustom(string key) - returns the value from a custom field.
  • EnableComments – Specifies whether comments enabled for this post.
  • EnableNewComments – Returns true if the post allows new comments.
  • ExtenededBody – optional post content. This is usually displayed when the full post view is requested.
  • HasComments – Returns true if a post has one or more comment.
  • Id – The Post Id.
  • PendingCommentCount – Number of comments which require approval.
  • PostBody – The main post content. This can be “lead-in” or excerpt if ExtendedBody is specified.
  • MetaDescription - The meta description for the post.
  • MetaKeywords - The meta keywords for the post.
  • Name – The value used in the post’s Url.
  • TagList – Comma seperated list of Tags.
  • Title – The title of the post.
  • UniqueId – Globally unique id for the post (Guid).
  • Version – Version number of the post.
  • Views – Number of times the post has been viewed (note: we do try to prevent against refreshes).
  • Url – Absolute Url to the Post.
  • UserName – username of the post’s author.
  • ImageUrl - an image that can be optionally assigned to the post.
  • User (Graffiti User)

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