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Post Versions

Graffiti creates a new version of a post every time you publish it, and allows you to access any of the earlier versions.

This post versions feature is helpful because it incrementally tracks each published version, tracks modifications to made to each version, and ensures that you can recover any content that you may have wrongly deleted or changed.

The post versions feature is comprised of 2 functions: viewing a version and viewing the changes to a version.

Viewing a Version

The post version is located on all of the post’s tabs.
The default setting is the current version of the post. When you open the drop-down list, Graffiti provides the date on which each version was published and the publisher’s user name.
You can republish the post as an earlier from the revision list. Graffiti will incrementally number the newest published version, even if it is based on an earlier version you selected from the version list.

Viewing Changes

The view changes tool is a link to the immediate right of the Revisions drop-down list. When you click View Changes, Graffiti displays a window that highlights all changes between any two versions.
In the example above, Graffiti compares Revision 4 to Revision 5. The red line indicates that a .bmp file was removed from version 4 to version 5. You can compare any 2 versions of the post by selecting the versions in the Compare and to data fields and clicking Update.

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