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Setting Site-Wide Defaults

Site option settings allow you to specify certain default settings for your web site.


1. Navigate to Site Options>Settings to display the Your Site Options page.

2. Enter your site-wide defaults.
  • Title and Tag Line - Title of the web page (Content Made Simple in the example below) and the site’s descriptive tag line immediately below the title.

  • Copyright - Your product’s copyright information, which appears on every page of your site.
  • Meta Description and Meta Keywords - Controls hits to your site from search engines like Google.
  • Time Zone - Specifies the time zone for your host server.
  • System Default Overrides - Override the system-wide defaults for the following:
    • Specifying meta description and meta keywords at the category and/or post levels.
    • Enabling comments at Site Options>Comments. You can also enable or disable the comments override by editing an existing comment.
In addition to the items listed above, Graffiti includes Feedburner URL, web statistics, and header settings which only an experienced developer should use. Feedburner is a web-based tool that promotes visibility to your site. If you have a Feedburner URL, you can include it in your site-wide settings. The web statistics are tracked by the Google Analytics tool.
3. Click Update Settings.

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