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Site Chalk Extension

SiteSettings is a global item that contains information about the entire site. You can access this object from the data object ($data.Site). Listed below are the available site methods and properties.

BaseUrl – Url to append to absolute urls in posts or rss.

Title – Site title.

TagLine – Short description of the site.

ExternalFeedUrl – Feedburner url.

Theme – Current site theme.

CopyRight – Site copyright.

TimeZoneOffSet – Timezone offset.

Header – Additional HTML/Javascript for the page header.

WebStatistics – Javascript for the site statistics.

FeaturedId – ID of the site’s featured post.

EmailServer – SMTP Server address.

EmailFrom – From address on system emails.

EmailRequiresSSL – If the server requires ssl for outgoing messages.

EmailServerRequiresAuthentication – Specifies whether the SMTP Server requires a password.

EmailPort – Port to send the email from.

EmailUser – SMTP server user name.

EmailPassword – Password for the email server (to send only).

MetaDescription – Global meta description.

MetaKeywords – Global meta keywords.

UseCustomHomeList – Specifies whether a custom list of posts should be used on the home page.

DisplayGraffitiLogo – Shows the graffiti logo.

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