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Site Configuration

Site configuration settings allow you to specify certain site settings.


1. Navigate to Site Options>Configuration to display the Your Site Configuration page.

2. Make adjustments to site configuration settings as necessary:
  • General Configuration
    • Use Microsoft for JQuery - Determines if Graffiti will use a local copy of JQuery or the one served from Microsoft.
    • Use Proxy Server - Determines if Graffiti needs to use a proxy server to make local/outside request.
    • Generate Folders for Posts/Categories/Tags - If not running IIS7, your site may need folders generated for each category and post. Use this when running IIS6 or older.
Note: If you use the Generate Folders option, you must manually Regenerating Your Site in order for the root /feed/ folder to be created!
  • View Configuration
    • Cache Views - When unchecked, Graffiti will not cache the views which makes adding new ones much easier. Uncheck this while developing a theme with custom view files.
    • Date Format - Formats any dates in your view when $macros.FormattedDate() is called.
    • Time Format - Formats any dates in your view when $macros.FormattedTime() is called.
  • Data Configuration
    • Include Uncategorized Posts with Lists - Determines if Graffiti should add uncategorized post to it's standard aggregate lists (such as the homepage).
    • Include Child Posts with Parent List - If checked, displays child category posts with the parent categories lists.
    • Page Size - Determines how many posts to display in a single list (before a pager is used for example).
3. Click Update Configuration.

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