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Uncategorized Posts

You must assign posts to a category. This allows Graffiti to build very smart and simple Urls which look like this:

However, there are times when you will want to create content that is not organized by a category. Graffiti enables this by using a special category called Uncategorized. Any uncategorized post is not grouped in a category.

An uncategorized post is ideal for a site’s meta-pages, such as an About page, Privacy terms, or Terms of Service. For example, if you created a new post called About and added it to the uncategorized category the url would look like this:

There are two additional points to be made about uncategorized posts:
  • Uncategorized is the default category for any new post.
  • If your site lists the most recent posts on the home page, uncategorized posts are not included in this list. Nor are uncategorized posts returned from a sitewide search. You can control this behavior from the dashboard.

Include Uncategorized Lists with Posts


1. Navigate to Control Panel > Site Options > Configuration.

2. Check or uncheck Include Uncategorized Posts with Lists.

3. Click Update configuration.

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