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Uploading Files

Graffiti provides you with multiple options for uploading files to your server. The file browser option allows you to upload multiple files which you can later upload to posts or share with colleagues. The post option allows you to upload files directly to your post.

Uploading Files from File Browser

You can upload multiple files in one action using the procedure below.

1. Navigate to Site Options> Utilities>File Browser.

2. Navigate to the file you want to upload.

3. Click Download to load the file to your server.

Uploading Files to a Post

You can upload a file to a post both when you are publishing a new post and by editing a post that you have already published.


1. Open the post for which you want to upload a file.

2. Select the Options tab.

3. Click Select.

The file browser opens.

4. Navigate to the file you want to upload to the post.

5. Select the file.

6. Click Add Files.

The URL of the selected file displays in the Image data field on the Options pages.


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