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Windows Live Writer Application

Windows Live Writer Beta (WLW) is a free desktop application that makes it easy to publish rich content to your site or blog. Click Windows Live Writer to download the application.

WLW uses the MetaBlog API to connect to Graffiti. While this post is 100% focused on WLW, you can use any tool which supports the MetaBlog API to publish content in Graffiti.

Click here for information about how to configure WLW.

WLW Tips

The following tips can help you understand how to use WLW with Graffiti.

Search Engine Optimization

Graffiti does a lot of helpful things for you in regards to Search Engine Optimization. One of the most important things is to control duplicate content. By default Graffiti never displays the full contents of a post in any list; instead, Graffiti looks for a safe place to truncate your post. This works well, but WLW's "split post" option is better. This feature is as easy as a single click on the toolbar. It allows you to select an area of your post to use as the lead-in or excerpt and leave the remainder to display when a user is viewing the full post content.


Perhaps the number one reason to use WLW is the way you can control images. Everyone loves images in their posts and while the Graffiti control panel has a couple really simple ways to include images, image control really does not get any easier than with WLW. All you need to do is find an image and drag it onto the editor. WLW resizes it, provides formatting options such as a drop shadow, and sends the file to the server every time you click Publish.

Keywords and Slugs
Graffiti supports keywords and slugs using WLW. If you select the arrow on the bottom right of WLW, you see two additional textboxes, Keywords and Slug. Unfortunately, we do not get to control the names used on the labels, but these two items are very helpful.

Keywords. When you submit a post, Graffiti treats any words you enter into the keywords box as a tag. Just like Graffiti, you can separate multiple tags with commas.

Slugs. This is the Graffiti control panel equivalent of a post name. The slug allows you to control what Graffiti uses in the post's URL.

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