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Writing a Plug-In

The Graffiti plug-in system allows developers to execute their own code at key events in the Graffiti application lifecycle.

Graffiti's plug-in system very closely resembles ASP.Net's HttpModules or Community Server's CSModules.

In the simplest form, here is how you would write a custom plug-in:
  1. Create a new class which derives from Graffiti.Core.GraffiitiEvent.
  2. Override the Init method and wire up one more Graffiti events.
  3. Compile your class and deploy the assembly to the bin directory.
  4. Once deployed, you will need to navigate to Site-Options > Plug-ins and enable/activate the plug-in. By default, all Graffiti plug-ins are disabled.

Click here for the list of Graffiti events.

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