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Is Graffiti CMS 1.3 Stable \ Scalable?

Sep 1, 2010 at 2:59 AM

Well, now that we have a Graffiti CMS 1.3 beta release out, I figure the question may come up: "Is Graffiti CMS 1.3 stable enough for a production website and can it scale?"

I can say for certain that it is very stable, I have it running on 6-10 production websites with zero issues. As-for the scalable question, while I have not used it for any HUGE websites I do want to share some stats from a medium traffic website running Graffiti CMS 1.3.

This is for the month of July. ~19K unique visitors and ~104K pageviews. This runs on a $99/month Virtual Server with 1GB of RAM running Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5 and SQL Server 2008 Web Edition. I have several other Graffiti sites running from the same system and have zero performance issues. I am generally using ~800MB of RAM (remember, that is OS, SQL, and several IIS app pools) and ~5-10% CPU.

Based on what I have seen, I feel not only is Graffiti CMS 1.3 stable, it is also scalable to larger websites without having to have architecture overkill.

(On another note, I also run another site in a webfarm configuration with ARR for load balancing again with zero issues. The same cannot be said for some other open source blogging/CMS applications.)

What has your experience been?