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Category Properties

Get descriptions of category property settings.

Listed below are the Graffiti Category properties.
  • Body – a description of the category.
  • Children – a list of child categories.
  • FeaturedId - returns the PostId of the featured Post for this category. Defaults to 0.
  • FeedUrlOverride – optional value used direct requests to the category feed feedburner.
  • HasChildren – returns true if this category has child categories.
  • Id – The category Id.
  • IsUncategorized – returns true if this category is the special uncategorized category.
  • LinkName – The value used in the category url.
  • MetaDescription - The meta description for this category.
  • MetaKeywords - The meta keywords for this category.
  • Name – The proper name of the category.
  • ParentId – Parent category (defaults to 0).
  • PostCount – number of published posts in this category.
  • Url – the absolute url of this category.
  • UniqueId – global unique id (Guid).

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