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Configuring A New Database

When setting up a new Graffiti site, some steps will be necessary to prepare the database.

All the required files for the following steps are found in the Data folder of the GraffitiCMS release.


1. Copy the Graffiti.mdb file into the <site root>\App_Data folder (or alternate location depending on connection string value)

SQL Server

1. Create a database (default SQL Server conn string uses a database name of "Graffiti")
2. Run the Graffiti_Schema.sql script
3. Run the the Graffiti_Data.sql script (this will create a user with the credentials admin/password)

Optional 1
If you want to use integrated security, you can run either SQLIntegratedSecurityxp.sql (for Windows XP) or SQL_IntegratedSecurity.sql (for Windows Server or Vista) to automatically setup the permissions.

Optional 2
If you want to use the ASP.Net Membershp provider:
A. Run the GraffitiASPNetMembershipProviderSchema.sql script
B. Run the GraffitiASPNetMembershipProviderData.sql script
C. Update & uncomment the Graffiti_ASPNetMembership conn string in the web.config file. Note: you can use the same database for Graffiti and Membership.


1. Run the GraffitimySQLSchema.sql script
2. Run the GraffitimySQLData.sql script

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gan Sep 26, 2011 at 4:08 PM 
Hi sdse78 :

SQL Server
The steps to setting up SQL Server are very simple:

1. Create a new database (you can use an existing database).

2. Execute the GraffitiSQLSchema.sql file found in the Data folder.

sdse78 Aug 14, 2011 at 1:22 AM 
1. Run the GraffitimySQLSchema.sql script
2. Run the GraffitimySQLData.sql script

Can you please elaborate on these two steps?