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Configuring Windows Live Writer with Graffiti

Configure Windows Live Writer. For additional information about how to use WLW with Graffiti, refer to Windows Live Writer Application. If you have not installed Windows Live Writer (WLW), you can download it from here.


1. Start WLW to initiate the WLW installation wizard. The welcome window displays.

2. Select the I don’t have a weblog… button.

3. Click Next>. The wizard will walk you through the process of setting up a weblog account. When you have finished setting up your account, the WLW application opens and the main page displays.

4. From the toolbar, select Weblog>Add Weblog Account. The Choose Weblog Type window displays.

5. Select the Another weblog service button.

6. Click Next>. The Weblog Homepage and Login window opens.

7. Enter your site information.

8. Click Next>. WLW configures itself. WLW may ask if you want to import your sites template. This is optional. The Weblog Configuration Complete window displays.

9. Click Finish.

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