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Creating a Category

This procedure describes how you can create a category before you assign a post to it as well as how you can create a category as you create a post.


Creating Categories

The following procedure explains how to create a category so you can later assign posts to it.

1. Navigate to Control Panel > Categories to display the Your Categories page. All existing categories display on the Your Categories page.

2. Enter the category name. Graffiti defaults the Parent Category setting to No parent category. However, you can assign the new category as a child category by selecting an existing category from the drop-down list.
Click here for a complete list of category properties.

3. Click Add New Category.

Creating a Category with a Post

The following procedure explains how to create a category at the same time you create a post.

1. Create a post.

2. In the Category field, select Add New Category. The Add New Category data field displays to the right of the Category field.

3. Type the category name in the data field.

4. Click Add New Category. Graffiti inserts the newly created category in the Category field.

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