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The Dashboard contains a lot of useful information about the activity on your Web site, such as the most popular links and most viewed articles.

After you login, Graffiti opens to the Dashboard page. The Dashboard is one of the items accessible by the Control Bar.

The Dashboard contains statistical information about your site, including:
  • Number of published items, including comments
  • A graphical representation of the number of times per day your Web site’s contents have been viewed
  • A graphical representation of your Web site’s most viewed contents

Before you add content to your Web site, the dashboard will be empty except for the major headings. As you add content, Graffiti updates the dashboard with statistical information. Here is an example of what the dashboard looks like as you post content and Graffiti tracks user data:

Note: To enable the graph and chart, you must load the Adobe Flash Player.

The upper-left portion of the page provides you with post and content tallies, including the number of items posted on your Web site, the number of comments posted by users, and status information about your posts.

The dashboard indicates that the site has 33 posts and 2 comments, with no posts or comments awaiting admin approval before being published.

The graph in the lower-left portion of the page represents the daily activity on your Web site over the previous 30 days.

The points on the graph are active. When you drag the cursor over any point on the graph, Graffiti displays the specific number of items viewed that day.

The example above shows that 39 items were viewed on 19 December. When you click on the number (39 in the example above), Graffiti displays a page with the list of the 10 items viewed most that day and the number of times each was viewed.

The upper-right portion of the dashboard contains a special Graffiti feature: Recent Graffiti News. Graffiti will automatically publish useful information about Graffiti, such as new features, helpful tips, and so on. The Recent Graffiti News feature will not be available for the Graffiti V1 Release, but it will be enabled for later releases.

The lower-right portion of the dashboard contains a pie chart comprised of the items users most access on your Web site.

The pie chart is also active. When you drag your cursor over any portion of the chart, Graffiti displays additional statistical information about item. For example, among the 5 most viewed posts of the Web site, Installing Graffiti, was viewed 8,871 times, or 14.5% of all views.

For additional information about Graffiti’s reporting tools, refer to Reports.

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