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Downloading a Theme from Graffiticms

You can download pre-packaged themes from the Graffiticms Marketplace site.


1. From the Graffiticms marketplace site, click Download This Theme for the theme you want to download.

2. Save the zip file to your network or hard drive.

3. Copy the contents of the zip file into the folder that contains your Graffiti files.
  • If the zip file does not contain an App_Data folder, continue the installation process at Step 10.
  • If the zip file does contain an App_Data folder, continue the installation process at Step 4.
4. Open the web.config file, which should be located in the parent folder containing your Graffiti files.

5. Locate the <connectionStrings> section near the top of the web.config file.

6. Replace your current connection string with the following line:
<add name="Graffiti" connectionString="Data Source=|DATADIRECTORY|\[DBNAME].vdb3" />
Note that DBNAME is a placeholder for the name of the file in the App_Data folder and the folder name has been omitted. Your actual connection string may look something more like this:
<add name="Graffiti" connectionString="Data Source=|DATADIRECTORY|\Graffiti_Sample.vdb3" />
In the above example, the folder that contains the file is Graffiti and the file name is Sample.vdb3.

7. Locate the appSettings section in the web.config file.

8. Ensure that Graffiti is configured to use the database provider indicated in this section. For example, if you are using VistaDB, your appSettings line should look like this:
<add key="DataBuddy::Provider"value= "DataBuddy.VistaDBProvider, DataBuddy"/>
9. Save the web.config file.

10. In Graffiti, navigate to Control Panel > Presentation > Themes.

11. From the Your Site’s Presentation page, click Upload Theme.

12. Browse to the file into which you downloaded your theme.

The Upload Theme box displays.

13. Select the theme and click Upload. The uploaded theme displays on the Your Site’s Presentation page.

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