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Featuring a Post

The post feature setting allows you to designate specific posts as featured content on your Web site or within a category of your Web site. You can designate a post as featured when you create the post, or you can modify an existing post so it becomes featured. For the featured post setting to take effect, you must apply it in your Web site theme.


The following procedure describes how you can enable the featured setting for an existing post. If you are creating a new post and want to designate it as featured, refer to Setting Post Content.

1. Navigate to Control Panel > Posts. The list of published posts displays.

2. Click on the post title you want to feature. The Write a Post page displays.

3. Select the Settings tab.

4. Click the Feature Site Post or Featured Category Post checkboxes to feature the post. You can specify a post as featured on both your main Web site as well as for the category with which it is associated.

5. Click Publish.

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