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Home Page Post Options

The home page post option allows you to specify which posts should display on your home page.

A site-wide setting allows you to override post settings and specify the sort order for the posts that are published on your home page. This option must be enabled for the post setting to take effect.

A post setting allows you to specify that an individual post will publish on the home page.

Setting the Home Page Option for Individual Posts

You can set the home page option for a post when you add the post, or you can set it later by editing the post. The home page option is located on the post Settings tab.

If you check Include on the Home Page checkbox, Graffiti displays the post on your Web site’s home page if the site-wide setting is enabled. The posts will display on your home page in the order in which you create them or the order in which you enable the setting.

Setting the Site-Wide Home Page Post Option

1. Navigate to Site Options>Home Page to display the Order Posts page.

2. Manage your home page post settings:
  • Enable Home Page Overrides setting – This setting controls the home page post content. If it is checked, the posts on the home page will display as ordered in the Set the Custom Post Sort Order list.
If this option is not enabled, all posts display on the home page.
  • Set the Custom Post Sort Order – If the Enable Home Page Overrides setting is enabled, you can specify how the posts are ordered by selecting and moving them with your cursor. Every post for which you check the Include on the Home Page checkbox displays in this list.
Graffiti automatically saves your choices on this page. The results of your actions display after you refresh your browser.

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