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Logs and Events

Graffiti records behind-the-scene information which can alert you to potential issues or problems with your Web site. You can access this information with the Logs utility.

To access logs and events, navigate to Control Panel > Site Options>Utilities>Logs. The Your Event Logs page displays.

Graffiti events are tagged as Information, Warning, or Error.


As the label implies, these logs provide you with informational data, such the status of your Web site and records of successful updates.


Warnings logs alert you to activities that did not go according to plan but which are not problems. Warnings are not errors and are not indicators of problems with your Web site.


Error logs alert you to problems with your Web site. Error logs describe the nature of the problem, which can be useful in troubleshooting the problem.

Graffiti automatically deletes log entries older than two days.

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