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Migrating Documents to Graffiti

With the Graffiti migrator utility, you can move posts from your existing Web site on Community Server, Wordpress, or any platform that supports BlogML to your Graffiti database.


1. Use the control bar to navigate to Site Options>Utilities>Migrator. The Graffiti Migration Tool page displays.
2. Select the platform from which you are importing your data.

3. Select files to import.

4. Click Get Data. Graffiti displays a grid showing all the posts related to your source.

5. Select the posts you want to import.

6. Click Import Posts. Graffiti displays the results of the import, as shown in the following example.

The error and warning you see above are the most common. The error indicates that the post has already been imported. The warning means that you don't have a post name, which you can fix by navigating to Pending Review on the Posts tab.

When the import is finished, Graffiti displays a status bar at the bottom of the page.

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