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Post Chalk Extension

Listed below are the available methods and properties for post chalk extensions.

Custom(string key) – Returns the custom field for the given key.

#foreach($post in $posts)
   The value of my custom field is $post.Custom("MyCustomFieldName")
Excerpt(string startText, string endText, string linkText, int len) – Renders the first len non-HTML characters from PostBody and displays a link to the post if len is less than PostBody len or ExtendedBody exists. Set linkText to null to never display the link.

CustomExcerpt(int len) – Returns the first len none-HTML characters of the PostBody property.

FetchPostsByTag(string tagName) – Returns a collection of posts for a given tag. This is a special call since tagName is not available on the post query.

FetchByColumn(DataBuddy.Column, System.Object) – Fetches an instance of Post based on a single column value. If more than one record is found, only the first will be used.

CreateQuery – Creates an instance of Query for the type Post.

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sloDavid Dec 8, 2010 at 8:44 PM 
This is missing at least some of the properties, such as Id.