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Search Engine Optimization with Graffiti

Learn more about how you can maximize Search Engine Optimization.

Graffiti out of the box, provides excellent Search Engine Optimization.
  • URLs are short and meaningful.
  • Graffiti handles properly redirecting (301) any content you rename.
  • Graffiti ensures (by default) content only exists at a single location/url.
The only proactive SEO users may want to consider is setting meta descriptions and meta keywords.

To provide site owners the best level of control, Graffiti allows you to set descriptions and keywords in a couple locations.
  1. You can set site-wide description and keywords on the Settings page (Site Options > Settings). These values will be used whenever Graffiti fails to find any of the values below.
  2. You can set category specific description and keywords on the edit category page. These will be used on the category page as well as for any child post which does not have its own values.
  3. You can set individual description or keyword values on each post (see the options tab). In addition, when the values are supplied for the post, Graffiti will proactively try to use the following post content:
    1. For the Description field, Graffiti will use the first 255 non-HTML characters for the description. In the event, you set both a post body and extended body, Graffiti will only use the content from the post body.
    2. If you do not specify keywords, Graffiti will use the post's tags.

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