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Setting Post Content

The post editor has three default tabs: Content, Settings, and Options. Graffiti will also display a Custom Fields tab after you have published custom fields for the category with which the post is assigned.

For a complete list of the properties and settings associated with the post tabs, refer to Post Properties.

Content Tab

The Content tab contains Category, Body, and Title values, which are required for every published post. It also contains the extended body option, which is optional. However, if you do not use the extended body option, Graffiti will automatically use a portion of the body text as the post excerpt. For additional information about post excerpts, refer to Adding a Post Excerpt.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab allows you to manage the post’s properties and settings, such as tags, name, and publishing date.

Options Tab

The Options tab allows you to specify the post’s meta descriptions and keywords, and add any notes to the post that may be helpful for revisions and workflow.


1. Navigate to Control Panel > Write. The Content page displays.

2. Specify the post content properties.

3. Select the Settings tab to specify the post settings.


4. Specify the post settings. The following table describes the settings options.

Property Description
Tags Used to group similar posts together across multiple categories. You can add as many tags as you like but they must be separated by a comma. Graffiti will also alphabetize them and convert them to lower case. Graffiti strips out any non-alphanumeric characters and separates multiple words with "-".
Name Allows you to override the url of the post. By default, the post name will be the post's title with any non-alphanumeric characters removed and spaces replaced with "-". By overriding the name, you can usually keep the url shorter, more SEO-targeted, and potentially get around the Graffiti restriction that each post name must be unique per category.
Publish Date Defaults to the time you click Publish unless you make a change to this field. You can set the date in the past or into the future. If you set a future date, the post will not be viewable by users (except for those designated as Admin) until the publish date.
Enable Comments Enables comments to be posted if the box is checked. It is important to note that: •Graffiti ignores enabling comments at the post level if the comments option is not enabled across the site. •If comments are specified in the theme, comments are shown even if the comments option is not enabled at the post level. •For existing comments to be viewable and new comments to be published, comments must be part of the site them.
Featured Site Post Allows you to flag the post as the featured post for the site. This value must be specified in the theme to take effect.
Featured Category Post Allows you to flag the post as the featured post for the category with which it is associated. This value must be specified in the theme to take effect.
Publish Status Controls the publish state of the site. Access to publish status depends upon user role. •Published – the post can be seen by the viewing public. •Draft – the post is undergoing revision or is not ready for public viewing. Site visitors cannot view drafts. •Request Approval – Sends an email to site editors and managers requesting they review the post before it is moved to a Published state. •Requires Changes – Editors or managers can set this setting before the post is published so the post content can be modified.

5. Select the Options tab.

6. Specify the Option tab properties.

Property Description
Meta Description Specifies the post’s meta description. If a value is specified, it will override the built-in meta description logic.
Meta Keywords Specifies the post’s meta keywords. If a value is specified, it will override the built-in meta description logic.
Image Allows you to associate an image with the post. It must be specified in the theme to take effect.
Notes Provides any additional information with the post.

7. Click Publish.

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