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Sorting Posts

Graffiti provides you with a variety of options for sorting your posts. You can specify the post order when you create your category or you can edit your category later to custom-sort your posts.

Graffiti supports the following sorting options:
  • By date, in either ascending or descending order
  • By views, in descending order. Graffiti displays posts from the most frequently visited to the list visited.
  • Custom sort in which you manually order posts

The following procedure assumes you are specifying your post sort order after you have published several posts so you can see the custom sort option. If you want to set your sort order when you create your category, you cannot use the custom sort option because you will not have assigned any posts to your category.

1. Navigate to Categories. Your list of categories displays.

2. Click Edit next to the category for which you want to specify the sort order. The category properties display, including the Post Sort Order options.

3. Select your option. If you want to custom sort your posts, click the Custom button, then Set Order. The Order Posts page displays.

You can move the items in the list with your cursor. Graffiti then saves your action automatically so you are not required to save your selection. However, you must click on the category name in the breadcrumbs (Advanced Options in the example above) and return to the Your Categories page to save your sort setting.

4. Return to the Your Categories page.

5. Click Save Category.

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