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URL Chalk Extensions

Urls returns different paths to your website ($urls). Listed below are the available URL methods and properties.

Edit(System.Object postId) – Gets the path to edit an existing post.

GetFeedUrl(Graffiti.Core.Category c) – Gets the path to the feed url for a specific category.

Home – Path to the login directory.

Login – Path to the admin login page.

Logout – Path to logout the current user.

Admin – Path to the admin dashboard.

Write – Path to write a new post.

Search – Path to the search results page.

Ajax – Path to the ajax handler for the application.

AdminAjax – Path to the ajax handler for the admin application.

Rss – Path to the user’s RSS feed. This will return an external feed (feedburner) if one is set up.

Tags – Path to the tags used.

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