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Using Graffiti Pre-built Widgets

Graffiti ships with a number of pre-built widgets. These cover common tasks such as adding a message to a site, pulling in links from, and showing a recent list of posts.

Widgets are pieces of user interface that are 100% managed in the browser. You can easily drag them onto your site, rearrange them, removed, and even set properties on them all with your browser.You can use widgets to leverage outside data, call a custom web service, re-use an RSS feed, or even utilize the Graffiti data APIs.

For users with advanced web development experience, refer to Widgets Advanced Overview for additional information.

Graffiti supports the following pre-built widgets:
  • Admin Options
  • Amazon Items
  • An Empty Box
  • Category Widgets
  • Chalk Widgets
  • List of Links
  • Popular Posts
  • Recent Comments
  • Recent Posts
  • Search Box
  • Syndication Feeds
  • Tag Cloud
  • Title and Body
  • Title and Plain Text
  • Twitter
  • Uncategorized Posts
  • XBox 360 Gamer Tag

Admin Options

The Admin Options widget is a list of links which is displayed a when an admin is logged in. These options include Logout, Edit This Post, Write a New Post, and Control Panel.


Amazon Items

If you have a seller ID for, the Amazon Items widget allows you to list your saleable items on your Web site.


An Empty Box

An Empty Box widget allows you to display untitled text in your sidebars.


Category Widgets

The Category widget allows you to display some or all of your categories in the sidebar. The items in your list are linked to your category pages.


Chalk Widgets

Chalk is a templating language used by web developers. Graffiti recommends that only users with advanced web development experience attempt to employ Chalk widgets. Click here for more information about Chalk. is a social bookmarking site which allows you to store your bookmarks online and where you can access your bookmarks from any computer. Graffiti allows you to display up to 10 bookmarks on your Web site.


List of Links

The List of Links widget allows you to create your own list of itemized links for anything you like.


Popular Posts

Graffiti displays the posts most viewed by visitors to your Web site. You can display up to 10 of the most popular posts by category and display the excerpts for you post as well.


Recent Comments

You can display up to the 10 most recently published comments on your Web site.


Recent Posts

You can display up to the 10 most recently published posts on your Web site.


Search Box

The Search Box widget is a standard search box which your users can employ to search for text on your Web site.


Syndication Feeds

With the Syndication Feeds widget you can display feeds from other Web sites by specifying the feed URL.


Tag Cloud

The Tag Cloud widget allows you to display your tags. Graffiti provides you with the flexibility of specifying how many tags display in the tag cloud. Click here for additional information.

Title and Body

The Title and Body widget allows you to add a titled block of content to your site.


Title and Plain Text

The Title and Plan Text widget is very similar to the Title and Body widget in that it allows you to add a titled block of content to your Web site.


Twitter is a popular micro-blogging application with which users create 140-character status updates called Tweets. Graffiti supports a Twitter widget.


Uncategorized Posts

The Uncategorized Posts widget allows you to add any of your uncategorized posts to the sidebar. Click here for additional information about how to set up an Uncategorized Post widget.

XBox 360 GamerTag

The XBox 360 GamerTag widget allows you to post your XBox 360 GamerTag info on your Web site.


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